Suzie Steen



Suzie Steen is the director of Actors Creative International and the principal leader of all classes and is at times assisted by other actors and teachers within the industry.


Having acted and studied in the USA for many years being sponsored by Columbia Pictures, Suzie has had the opportunity to study with Stella Adler, Charles Conrad (who redefined the Meisner technique), Vincent Chase, Margie Haber, and the unique ‘The Second City’ in Chicago and LA. 


Suzie had a supporting role in “Mao’s Last Dancer”, directed by Bruce Beresford and produced by Jane Scott. She has also appeared in these TV series and films in Australia, The Alice, Blue Water High, Always Greener, and Angel Baby, The Rival, The Amusement Bomber, All The Way, Deadly Women, Behind Mansion Walls, Lizzie Borden and other feature films, video games and TV series.


Suzie continues to be invited to speak and judicate various seminars and functions in Australia & in the USA.

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